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Shreveport accident lawyers have represented personal injury cases in the South Florida community for decades. When you are physically or mentally injured due to another person’s negligence, you have the legal right to financial compensation. We are committed to representing our clients in the best way possible. We do this by understanding their needs and goals to properly guide them through the court process.

Getting the Maximum Compensation

Even if you have experienced a serious injury or lost someone you know due to death from an accident, the courts will not automatically move forward with your claim. Hours of research, legal formalities, and hard work is needed for you to find justice and get the compensation you deserve. You shouldn’t have to suffer the full stress of these procedures after experiencing wrongful harm. A qualified personal injury lawyer will not only help you understand what your case needs, but can also help you receive a better result than initially expected.

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Why Choose Our Firm?

You deserve a personal injury lawyer that understands how you feel.

Hiring an attorney is an intimidating investment. Payment, pressure from the attorney, and the court process may hover over you as you try to make the decision that is best for you. It can be difficult to find an attorney that not only understands your hesitation but will work through the legal process in a way that you find comfortable. One can not make a winning case without the full trust between client and attorney. Our involvement with cases in South Florida has given us the opportunity to understand the complex issues our clients face. We have the ability to portray the damages that the injury has caused you, arguing why you deserve compensation.

Don’t settle for a lawyer who sees your injury as just another case.


“After my car accident, the attorneys at Rodriguez and Dominguez helped me find my footing and led me through the process of making a claim. They know how to keep things simple.” – Horace K.