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Automobile Accidents

Protecting Automobile Accident Victims

At Rodriguez and Dominguez, our firm understands the stress and difficulties that can occur after an automobile accident. The injuries received from these unexpected circumstances can lead to damages beyond the immediate pain. Medical expenses, lost wages, and loss of quality of life are all costs connected to automobile accidents. Due to auto accident laws unique to Florida, representing yourself for your case can be awkward. If you are filing a claim after a car crash, that may mean facing the insurance company that you are also paying to protect you. Compared to other insurance laws in America, Florida’s no-fault insurance laws have become confusing for drivers in and out of state. The no-fault insurance law allows drivers to pay for insurance that will cover for their medical care after a car accident, even if that person was at fault for the accident. At the same time, how you received that medical care, what covers your care, and how the insurance company pays the claims is determined under specific rules. As a result, anyone injured in a Florida automobile accident can get lost in the legal web of state legislation. A personal injury attorney can help you follow the path the state expects so that you can receive proper medical care. Sometimes your automobile accident may be the result of a defective part in your vehicle. If this is the case, you as the injured party have a right to file a claim against the car manufacturer, or the manufacturer of the particular part. Some car companies may be expecting these allegations, preparing with their legal team to protect themselves. Rodriguez and Dominguez can help prove that you were not at fault for the automobile accident, with expert analysis and testimony to prove the manufacturer liable. Your injuries should not be waved away because a large company was involved. You deserve your right to compensation and hospital treatment.

The types of claims and cases our firm handles include: