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Product Liability

Injuries from Defective Products

If a product that experienced a manufacturing error, was designed dangerously, or did not adequately warn you about its inherent risks ended up injuring you, then you may be eligible for a product liability claim. The attorneys at Rodriguez and Dominguez have handled hundreds of product liability cases and understand that moving forward with a suit like this can feel like walking on eggshells. In these claims, you must prove that the product was defective, that the defect caused you injury or some form of damages (such as a broken window), and that you used the product as intended. Several parties could be responsible for the injury you suffered. While the product manufacturer tends to be clearly at fault, the fault may also lie on the product's part manufacturer, the company that puts the product together, or the retailer that directly sold the product to you. Note that if you purchased the product from a business that was not strictly official, such as a yard sale, the person who sold it to you would probably not be considered legally liable. Some products, such a kitchen knife, will always be dangerous to use. Items like these are considered reasonably dangerous, and you may have a much lower chance of winning a claim against the manufacturer of a reasonably dangerous item. However, if a dangerous item did not come with the proper warning label, then you may have the right to hold the manufacturer liable for not properly informing you of the risk associated with using that item. These warnings should tell customers what the present hazards associated with the object are, how severe those hazards are, the risk associated with them, and how to avoid said risks. Our firm will examine your product liability case and determine which avenue is best for moving forward with your case. Understanding how to frame your argument is vital for winning your lawsuit. Injuries from defective products can be fatally dangerous. Do not allow your case to be bogged down by legal jargon from companies who are not responsible enough to maintain the safety of their products.

The types of claims and cases our firm handles include: