Charges against 27 college students dismissed

Students who face charges for juvenile crimes have a lot at stake. Depending on the charges, a student can be suspended from school, scholarships can be lost and he or she may face jail time as well. Repercussions of a¬†student arrest¬†can vary, depending on the student’s age and the charges, but in all situations, it is important to protect a student’s future.

As evident in many schools in North Carolina, the Greek system is a popular entity. Recently, 27 members of a college fraternity were facing charges. In this case, students at Dartmouth College who were in the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity faced serious punishments for violating school policy and unlawful behavior.

The charges against the men included putting students in fear for their safety, engaging in hazing, providing alcohol and drugs to students and harming new members. The allegations stemmed largely from the statements of one student who used to be a member of the fraternity.

Members of the fraternity say that the school should never have filed charges against the students without properly investigating the claims. Calling it a knee-jerk reaction, the students stay that media coverage prompted school officials to lash out unfairly on the students.

According to what was found, the allegations of the student were no longer relevant. The man was referring to the 2009 pledge term. The fraternity maintains that no such hazing or illegal activity took place during the recent 2011 pledge term. Since the students charged with the crimes were not involved with the activities in 2009, there is no reason to hold them accountable. If you or a loved one is involved in a crime, contact a reputable Orlando criminal defense firm for the best odds of getting your case dismissed.

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