Family Sues Medics for Woman’s Wrongful Death

In a recent Pennsylvania case, the family members of a deceased woman are suing an emergency response company for its treatment of the woman last year. The family claims that medics did not properly handle the woman when transporting her, causing her to fall out of her wheelchair. They say the fall caused the 85-year-old woman to sustain broken bones and a spinal cord injury that eventually resulted in her death nine months later.

In March 2010, the woman called 911 when she noticed that her heart rate had dropped. The emergency responders who arrived to transport her by ambulance to a hospital reportedly dropped the woman when they were moving her to the ambulance.

The deceased woman’s daughter claims that the ambulance workers tried to transport the woman down the front steps of her home. Instead of turning the chair around and wheeling her down backwards, they pushed her down the stairs face forward. In the process, one of the emergency responders stumbled. This allegedly caused the woman to slip out of her wheelchair and sustain serious injuries.

The woman broke multiple bones and suffered a spinal cord injury in the fall. Her daughter says these injuries led to her death nine months later.

According to the family’s attorney, they will be seeking monetary compensation for damages, but they also hope the lawsuit will bring attention to this issue and prevent similar incidents in the future.

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