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What Some of Our Clients Have Said

As someone searching for a personal injury lawyer, you will want to see what our past clients have said about our services. We have asked them to offer testimonials on how we have handled their cases. If you contact our firm, one day you may be providing your own testimonial!

Cory F – I slipped while walking downstairs and broke my arm. The hotel I was staying at didn’t put up the proper warning signs, But I was nervous about moving forward with a lawsuit. The attorneys at Rodriguez and Dominguez helped me realize why legal action was necessary. I am blown away by how kind and efficient they were. These are definitely the folks to call when you need help.

Samantha R – A pickup truck t-boned my car even though I had the green light. While I suffered only minor bruises and cuts, my car was totaled, and I had trouble sleeping and focusing since the incident. When the insurance companies started pushing back against my claim, it felt like the world around me was falling apart. Rodriguez and Dominguez helped me relax, and was very accommodating with my needs as they helped me move my personal injury claim forward.

Jenna T – I had discovered that the prescription my doctor gave me wasn’t what I needed to feel better. In fact, it ended up causing me more problems, so many that I had to skip work days because I felt so bad. This doctor was affiliated with a large hospital, and while I didn’t like the idea of filing a medical malpractice suit, my husband recommended Rodriguez and Dominguez to help me. I knew they helped him with a car accident case before, but I wasn’t expecting how dedicated they would be to my cause. The malpractice suit took over a year, but when it finally finished, the compensation was worth it. These attorneys will stick to you like glue, in a good way!